Supply Chain Analysis

Who Supplies Whom...

AutoAnalysis maps supply chains into the vehicle factories from tier 1 suppliers through tier 2 and 3 companies and those further back in the supply chain.  We have analysed the supply chain for complex assemblies such as airbags and seats, in Europe and also worldwide as required; for example we can identify which companies deliver the finished seats, from which JIT plants, and who supplies the constituent seat parts – frames, foam, airbags, heaters, coolers, valences, fabric, leather, recliners, mechanisms, motors etc – and from where these are delivered.  Such analysis is especially useful in assessing long distance supply chain resilience in the face of natural ‘disasters’ such as the Japanese tsunami, Thai floods or the China corona virus and the severely disruptive impact these events can have.

Similar analysis with airbags, for example, covers the locations of fabric weaving, coating, cutting and sewing stages, along with the suppliers of airbag housings, ignitors and inflators, electronics and covers.  Other components for which have done such analysis in recent times include: turbochargers, bumpers, front and rear lights, head rests, dashboards and HVAC modules.

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